The Alto Sanitary District is a special district within Marin County.  Our purpose is to insure that the residents within the District have a serviceable collection system for transporting sewage from homes and businesses to the SASM wastewater treatment plant located near Bayfront Park in Mill Valley.  The District also administers contracts with Mill Valley Refuse Service which handles trash pick-up in the District. 

The District is governed by a five-member board of directors.  The board is an elected body with four-year terms of office from residents who live within the District.  Terms expire in December.  Compensation for directors is $125 per meeting and for the Chairperson, $150 per meeting.  Directors do not receive a salary, health and retirement benefits, nor any reimbursables. There are twelve regular meetings per year.

The District retains one permanent part-time staff position, that being the District Manager.  The District Manager receives an annual salary of $54,825 based on an average of 10 hours per week.  There are no other benefits associated with this position.

Annual Compensation is available on the California State Controller's website.

The District's current "Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP)" is available for download HERE.

Financial Information

Board of Directors    (Term Expires)

Janis M. Bosenko  President (4-yr term ending Dec 2024)

Director Bosenko was appointed to the Alto Sanitary District Board in March 2015 when long-time Board member Joyce Miles left, and was elected to the position in 2015.  She has lived in the Alto Sanitary District since 1980.  Ms. Bosenko chaired the successful "Save Horse Hill" campaign which resulted in its acquisition as part of the Alto Bowl Preserve and is now managed by Marin Open Space.  Active in Southern Marin community projects, Ms. Bosenko serves on the Sausalito Sister City Council, Cascais, Portugal.   She is secretary of IDESST, Sausalito Cultural Canter and is an active volunteer in the Marin Homeless Lunch Program at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church.  Janis Bosenko retired from the State of California in 2001 after 30 years of service.

Todd Gates (4-yr term ending Dec 2024)

Director Gates was appointed to the Alto Sanitary District Board in October 2015 by the Marin County Board of Supervisors.  Obtaining a Civil Engineering degree in college, Mr. Gates has worked in the infrastructure construction business for most of his career.  His work has given him experience in environmental compliance, public funding and the construction of wastewater facilities.  Mr. Gates hopes to  contribute to his community by serving on this board.

Porter Merriman (4-yr term ending Dec 2026)

Director Merriman was appointed by the Board of Supervisors in December 2018.  She is a property manager with experience handling construction projects.  Prior to property management, Ms. Elam served as a senior policy advisor in the U.S. House of Representatives for over 13 years, focusing on immigration policy and terrorism, as well as outreach, coalitions and communications. 

Dr. Marc Nash (4-yr term ending Dec 2026)

Dr. Nash was appointed to the Alto Sanitary District Board in August 2017 when former President Stanley Bransgrove retired after more than thirty years of service. Director Nash has been a resident since 2012 and is a physician specializing in cancer treatment (radiation oncology.) He has worked collaboratively on many boards and commissions in the healthcare setting throughout his career. He looks forward to serving his community in this new role.

Open Seat (Remainder of 4-yr term ending Dec 2024)

Pending appointment


Bill Hansell - District Manager

Bill Hansell has been managing the District on a part-time basis since September 2016. Prior to that he managed the Muir Beach Community Services District and served for nine years on the Board of Directors for the Marinwood Community Services District. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in architecture from the University of Virginia and devotes the balance of his professional time to his firm, Hansell Design Architecture , which he established in 1996. Bill is also devoted to supporting the performing arts and has volunteered for many years in the Bay Area as a music and dance promoter and producer under the name Appleberry Jam Presents. He served on the board of the SF Marin Food Bank for six years fundraising for critical services and those in need.